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Jul 6, 2022
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Thought I'd share this. I couldn't find any thorough info besides parts lookup showing different part numbers that don't cross different year ranges.


This will show camshafts will only swap between the Warrior '87-'04 and the '04-'06 Raptor*(see down further). The Raptor 350 '04-'13 is a different camshaft.

*'04-'06 Raptors use a steel sleeve on the camshaft and use the same flat roller bearing on the inside. You can use a Warrior cam in these year Raptors but must use a Warrior timing chain gear.

Head port sizes, chamber, covers, valves, springs are the same.

Yamaha added a button to the end of the Raptor camshaft. Presumably to help control oil flow through the cam.

Rockers were changed in the Raptor head to have a wavy spring clip attached. This would keep the rocker arm fixed to one side and create a gap. Maybe to help oiling? Use the clip if you use the Raptor rockers.

Camshaft gears will not interchange. The Raptor 350 is machined thinner where it bolts to the camshaft. The camshaft is physically longer, and they recessed the gear to keep the timing chain aligned. The flange and pin are shorter on the Raptor cam. A Raptor timing gear will not fit a Warrior camshaft as it will not sit flush before the bolt tightens down.

The front(cam gear side) bearing is the same size, but the Raptor 350 uses an unshielded open bearing. The Warrior uses a one side shielded bearing. I believe the warrior bearing was sealed on one side in an attempt to trap oil in the bearing. You can remove the seal if your replacements come with it, if you choose.

Inside bearings are completely different. The Warrior uses a flat roller pin bearing. '04-'06 Raptor has a sleeve pressed on to use the same flat roller bearing. Also appears Warrior cams have this same sleeve pressed onto them. '07+ Raptors were changed to use a ball bearing and do not have the sleeve. The inside bearing surface of the cam is physically smaller and you must use a Raptor cam for these years.

Again, the '07+ Raptor uses a ball bearing. It appears Yamaha tried to upgrade the inside bearing. Raptor 350 uses a one side steel shielded ball bearing. Check your replacements as you probably should use a one side steel shielded bearing over a rubber one. It holds oil pressure back and forces it through the camshaft.

Factory Warrior/'04-'06 Raptor camshafts have a hardened sleeve pressed onto the camshaft for the inner roller pin bearing. Be weary of cheap replacement camshafts as they don't have this.

Another thing to note is a harder face material that is attached to factory rockers. The cheap aftermarket rockers do not have this. Don't use them. This is a picture of a factory rocker.

The lobe profile is a bit different. All the changes are not necessarily an upgrade, but engineered differently. Probably not worth swapping for any gain in performance. Just make sure to get the correct parts and change oil as required.
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That's some good information to have handy. Lotta people trying to turn 2 motors into one nowadays and this will likely save them a few problems!
More useful information.

Warrior '87-'04 part numbers

Camshaft 1UY-12170-00-00
Cam sprocket 3HN-12176-00-00
Chain side bearing 93306-00515-00 or 6005RS
Inside bearing 93315-32516-00 or HK2512
Rocker 3GD-12151-00-00

Raptor '07-'13 part numbers

Camshaft 5UH-12170-10-00
Cam sprocket 5YT-12176-00-00
Chain side bearing 93306-00438-00 or 6005C3
Inside bearing 93306-00519-00 or 6004Z
Rocker 3GD-12151-11-00
Rocker wavy washer/clip 90206-12001-00

Raptor '04-'06 specific

Camshaft 5UH-12170-00-00
Inside bearing 93315-32516-00 or HK2512

And camshaft chain
94500-02090-00 or D.I.D. 219FTSS-90CE

I'm assuming they switched to a C3 bearing for the chain side bearing because they seen an issue with heat expansion and resistance. If you had an issue with a Warrior head with cooking this bearing, you could use 6005RS-c3(6005-rs-c3,6005rsc3 or add the dash as needed trying to search). Or just use the non shielded bearing for the Raptor 6005C3/6005-C3.

In my experience, I stick with decent Japanese made bearings when I can like Koyo, NTN, NSK. SKF is practically made all over the world but seems to have great quality control. Most factory bearings I have seen are Koyo.

Hope this helps someone.

BTW, if you have a early year Warrior '87-'89 with pull start, the rockers for the decompression valve is 1UY-12151-00-00.
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