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Sold 2008 Raptor 350 $2000

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Dec 12, 2023
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Jefferson, Ohio
For Sale: My 2008 Raptor 350.

This is just throwing it out there because it really needs to go to someone who can actually take care of it. My 08 350 which i really hate to sell but i just cant keep up with it. As it sits its a running bike fresh crank and oil pump got relatively new cam but the intake lobe is warn down ( I have ordered rockers for it that i will install and if all goes well i might not sell ) new top end (Niche). Bike needs: Rear brake caliper and master cylinder (maybe a rotor but i haven't ran the rear brake before, neutral position wire, front wheel bearings, potentially a new right hand rear wheel hub. will come with a box with 3 cylinders. 2 pistons, a oem raptor 350 head that needs rebuilt. wiseco crank that needs rod, a couple odds and ends, and a CLYMERS service manual.

2 grand takes it or if you got smtn to trade send it my way, really firm on price but if it dont sell after a while i might take lower. Located in Ashtabula county ohio. If interested let me know and i can send contact information your way