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Apr 30, 2024
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I recently got my 02 warrior running and it runs great. But one day the push button didnt work anymore. Ive replaced the starter solenoid three times, replaced the spark plug, new push button, and I have a new cdi box come later this week. I tested all the wiring and it looks fine to me all the wires check out. The only way it starts is if i jump (arc) the starter solenoid. Im a quite a loss of what i could be and why. Even my buddies who have owned and fixed 30+ quads havent got a clue. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Do the neutral and reverse lights work? You can try bypassing the clutch switch. Under the hood, you unhook the bullet connectors and just plug them in together on the harness.

Check the plug for fuel, and then ground it and check for strong and consistent spark(fuel off at this point).
Everything is bypassed, parking break and clutch. N and R lights work. My lights work. Ive got fuel and spark because it starts and runs really well when I jump the solenoid. I went and checked all the connections again and I found nothing.
Have you replaced the relay? Starting circuit cut off relay and its the one next to the solenoid. If it fails it could make the cdi flutter on and off or make the button not work anymore.

I've also had bad brand new ones. I buy them in the 2 packs and keep the spare on hand. I think I've had about 4 or 5 go bad between my first warrior and my raptor 350.

Edit. Also check the condition of the relay plug for corrosion or loose terminals
If the relay is the green 30amp fuse thing then yeah ive got a brand new one in it. Its the third one ive put in it.
Check power to start switch, and check if your getting power to the switching side of solenoid when the button is pushed. If power makes it back to the solenoid, check the yellow/blue wire in the shut off relay for power with the run switch on. If it's live, trace the ground for that relay.

The blades on the relay plug do get corroded and/or spring open.
Alright ill check that. When i tested it i had power all the way through the solenoid. But Ill check it again. Could it be my CDI box or can I rule it out?
I found a ton of connectors on my '93 harness looked clean, checked out end to end, but the female spades and sockets had opened up and weren't making solid contact. I had to take some apart. Used needle nose and a good pick to gently tighten them up.

My research leads me to the cdi rarely fails. It's usually wiring or a stator issue on these machines when they have problems.
Yeah thats what im thinking. My wiring is good so i guess ill just grab a new stator and see if that works out. Ive been battling this for 3 weeks now and gotten no where
If the starter cut off relay doesn't have power from the cdi, the push button will not work. That's why I suggested checking the wires to all of that first. It could easily just be a sprung open terminal not making contact. Or maybe a frayed wire. Check that y/b wire from the cdi at the relay plug.
But wouldn’t that mean that I don’t have lights or neutral or reverse lights either if the relay has bad wires?