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  1. MeowKat94

    New Member…Help! 2002 Yamaha Warrior 350

    New to the community here, just purchased a 2002 Yamaha warrior 350 and started a rebuild to get this baby up and running! Have run into a few issues with startup and hoping someone has had some of the same issues or give some suggestions! Engine has good compression. Have good spark. Fuel is...
  2. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    Please HELP! Major Issue this am on way to work.

    So I made it to work this am no problem... I ride my 02 warrior to work EVERYDAY! RAIN OR SHINE. so I stopped had my morning cigarette and then I turned my key to click the power on and all of a sudden my wires in the front under the plastic looks like the ignition connector it completely...
  3. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    Bogging Problem 02 Warrior HELP

    Hey everyone ! New here and so grateful to have found this website! I just finished building a 2002 Yamaha warrior new frame built from ground up. Everything stock OEM Besides the DG Exhaust... So my issue is this... While riding in 2nd or 3rd when I hit a bump the quad just starts bogging out...
  4. ShadyWarrior

    Engine knock

    New here, never really tried this before but whatever. Ive got a 95 warrior and it has a knocking noise. Not too sure where its coming from, sounds like bottom end. I am trying to pin point the problem, with funds being limited trying to save. not really sure where to start either or if its...
  5. T

    Yamaha warrior 350 issues

    Hello i need help. We have been trying to fix my fourwheeler for over a year and we have only got to ride it for a couple days after we got it fixed. There is something wrong with it right now. When i click the start button on the fourwheeler, nothing happens. Before, it just clicked. We have...