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  1. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    Please HELP! Major Issue this am on way to work.

    So I made it to work this am no problem... I ride my 02 warrior to work EVERYDAY! RAIN OR SHINE. so I stopped had my morning cigarette and then I turned my key to click the power on and all of a sudden my wires in the front under the plastic looks like the ignition connector it completely...
  2. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    Bogging Problem 02 Warrior HELP

    Hey everyone ! New here and so grateful to have found this website! I just finished building a 2002 Yamaha warrior new frame built from ground up. Everything stock OEM Besides the DG Exhaust... So my issue is this... While riding in 2nd or 3rd when I hit a bump the quad just starts bogging out...
  3. ShadyWarrior

    Engine knock

    New here, never really tried this before but whatever. Ive got a 95 warrior and it has a knocking noise. Not too sure where its coming from, sounds like bottom end. I am trying to pin point the problem, with funds being limited trying to save. not really sure where to start either or if its...
  4. T

    Yamaha warrior 350 issues

    Hello i need help. We have been trying to fix my fourwheeler for over a year and we have only got to ride it for a couple days after we got it fixed. There is something wrong with it right now. When i click the start button on the fourwheeler, nothing happens. Before, it just clicked. We have...