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  1. jeep5man7

    Yamaha Warrior Rebuild Youtube Series

    Check out my Youtube series on rebuilding a Yamaha Warrior 350! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-hOV5EnXVfeh0oxYjjO9nPAU9qNI2EvL
  2. CarolusRex98

    84mm piston in a '98 warrior

    I'm thinking about getting a 84mm weisco piston for my 1998 yamaha warrior 350 will it fit and if so will it make faster or stronger or hopefully both
  3. N

    Top end rebuild help

    So im def new to this forums thing. and engine work. Im not completly retarded but if i seem like idk what im talking about, its because i dont. I just purchased a 350 warrior for cheep, not looking to puch too much into it. just enought to get it running. But ill spend what i need. It would run...