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  1. T

    Quad Tires

    Does anyone knows these tires brand and model ?
  2. S

    Parts for warrior need gone will make a great price for package

    Hello sorry if im going about this the wrong way but i am new to the forum For sale i have a Header pipe stock Exhaust pipe stock Headlamps in housing Full carb without side plate for throttle but that can be transfered from you old one Bowl is clean no rust! Rear tires decent tread about...
  3. shark

    new tires

    Hi, I have already asked this on the raptor forum but I figured that I would ask it here too since there are more people with 350s on here. I want to know what tires you guys run and how do you like them. I am looking for a set of rear tires that will last long and hold up on the trail. I...
  4. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    can u guys help ?

    hey guys.....since i wrecked my quad it bent my back left rim.....they are alluminum so they bent really easy....if u guys can find 2 back tires and rims..or help me look itd mean the workd too me.....but theres a problem i cant spend no 500$ cuz i only get like 200$ a pay check......fu*kin...
  5. S

    Durablue Axle and ITP Baja Beadlocks with 2 sets of tires

    I've got a good condition Durablue axle, with 3.5mm rotor and 38t sprocket intact and installed. Included with it is a set of ITP Baja Beadlock rims with beadlocked ITP MX6R tires installed. I also have an extra set of ITP SX tires. Looking for 450 for the whole package, or it can be split up...