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    87 Warrior, jolts when trying to start

    Still trying to get my 87 Warrior fixed up. Whenever I try to start it now, it seems to jolt and make a noise like the engine is getting stuck, but to be honest I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas would help, video attached.
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    My buddy has a 95 warrior he just bought. The previous owner just replaced the starter clutch on the atv. after replacing the starter clutch it would not start. After my buddy bought it, we have been trying to get it running. We have came to the conclusion that the timing is off. However we...
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    wont start

    i have a 2007 raptor 350 and it has no spark when i turn it over but whe i let off of the start button it sparks once.. but it will start if i bump start it.
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    Another "No Power" question. Odd...

    So the saga continues with my '87 Warrior 350. I was getting ready to replace my stator due to a no charge issue with a test that showed a bad stator. I got home from work last week and my pull starter (thank you Mathius-you rock), my stator and gasket and clymer manual were awaiting my...