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  1. Cantonis34

    Any carb experts please help!

    I have an 02 Warrior with a Zoom Zoom carb. I just got a new PowerBomb header and put it on. Didn't touch my carb at all. The bike was running a little rich to begin with, but now it's popping and making all sorts of banging noises. I have no idea what the problem is, I think it's to lean.. But...
  2. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior Running Rich With Aftermarket Parts

    Hey guys. I hope somebody can help shed some light on this one.... So my warrior has been sitting for a while since it broke the woodruff key. I fixed that, then it wouldn't idle except on choke. So I go through the carb real good and fixed that issue. Then the recoil "blew up" and the...
  3. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior not revving quite right....

    I just put a UNI pod filter on my Warrior and so I bought a bigger main jet. I bought a 152.5. Keep in mind that my quad has an FMF pipe on it and I also dumped my air box. I would think this jet would be too rich if anything, but when I tested my Warrior, it seems to be too lean. When it revs...