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  1. Motorsporteiros

    Transmission behaving strangely

    Hey guys, so, my 2007 Raptor 350r is behaving strangely when it warms up and i try to shift a gear ( driving normally), the shift pedal becames very stiff to push and pull. Another problem that I am having is the reverse. Most of the times when I try to pull and bring back the reverse lever...
  2. B

    87 warrior reverse light always on/no start??

    i am at my wits end with this problem is the reverse light is on and nothing happens when i hit start, when i pull in clutch and hit start nothing happens...the bike has brand new stator and neutral/reverse switches. the stater has been benched tested, solenoid is working, i have...
  3. T

    can't esily get out of reverse or find neutral.

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 97 350. It's got a few hiccups and this one is becomign a pain. I can easily shift into reverse by using the reverse cable and shifting down. However, I cannot get the thing out of reverse :loco:. I usually have to shut the machine down and keep going back...