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    Wiesco Piston Noob Help

    I want to put this piston kit in my 03' warrior that's bone stock except for Yoshimura slip-on will this be okay with my current setup and future upgrades. Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wiseco-Piston-Kit-83-00mm-10-25-1-for-Yamaha-YFM350X-Warrior-1987-2004-/311374028452?hash=item487f569ea4
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    Top end rebuild help

    So im def new to this forums thing. and engine work. Im not completly retarded but if i seem like idk what im talking about, its because i dont. I just purchased a 350 warrior for cheep, not looking to puch too much into it. just enought to get it running. But ill spend what i need. It would run...