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    Parts For Sale Zoom Zoom Parts - ADJUSTABLE DIRECT SHIFTER FOR WARRIOR/RAPTOR 350 (fits oil cooler mod)

    https://zoomzoomparts.com/products/adjustable-direct-foot-shifter-for-1987-2004-yamaha-warrior-350-yfm-350-works-with-oil-cooler https://zoomzoomparts.com/products/adjustable-direct-foot-shifter-for-2004-2013-yamaha-raptor-350-yfm-350-works-with-oil-cooler
  2. T

    Oil Drain Plug

    Hey. Got a quick question. Does anyone knows a cheaper alternative to the OEM oil drain plug for the Warrior 350 ?
  3. vg30dett93

    warrior oil problem?? I need your opinion or answer?

    I need an answer or opinion? Im finishing up this 1997 warrior project I picked up from a friend. Well he had replaced the motor (he drove it into a pond) from ebay and this engine leaked oil from exhaust stud so the quad sat for years because he wasted money on welding it and did want to deal...
  4. We1Dont7Die

    '95 big bear oil cooler

    Selling the oil cooler parts I purchased a while back to install on my '00 warrior, I never got around to installing it. I have the following parts which are pictured below: 14 1YW-13461-01-00 PLATE, ADAPTOR 15 1YW-13497-00-00 PLUG 16 90501-082E3-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION 17...
  5. SICKWarrior

    Oil Cooler?

    I would like to add a oil cooler to my quad (350 warrior) but im not sure, what oil cooler to use? Were do the hole go for the fitings? last do i need a pumb? if any one knows or has done this before could you let me know thanks.