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  1. B

    87 warrior reverse light always on/no start??

    i am at my wits end with this problem is the reverse light is on and nothing happens when i hit start, when i pull in clutch and hit start nothing happens...the bike has brand new stator and neutral/reverse switches. the stater has been benched tested, solenoid is working, i have...
  2. W

    1987 warrior wont start

    My warrior is really starting to piss me off :p. I replaced the starter/solenoid, and the 15 amp fuse. the ignition coil has a thin wire that comes out the side and it doesnt have a connector on it, there is an orange wire and a brown wire coming from the CDI and they dont have connectors...
  3. andryzzle

    What causes warrior stators to fail?

    I am having starting issues again (weak/inconsistent spark). I had just finished putting the rear end back together so I went for a ride around the house. When I pulled back up to the garage it didn't want to idle right and it cut off. I haven't been able to start it since so I've been going...