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  1. DaWarriorGuy29

    Big 3 for Warrior 350

    I want to do a build on my Warrior. I first want to start with bolt ons like exhaust and air filter. I have a few questions: 1. What slip on should I get. Leaning towards HMF but wondering if that's still the best 2. My header pipe is rusted bad and I need a new one. Should I just get a OEM...
  2. G

    jets and break-in ride (yes, another one)

    OK, to start I know both of these topics have been covered in excruciating detail all over this forum in the past, and I have read A LOT of these posts, and learned a lot, but the question I have is this... I have what I feel will be adequate jets in my carb for the mods I have for the initial...
  3. A

    Jetting ?

    Does anyone know how you jet a 2004 carb ? is there any videos that could help guide me during the process , im what you call a noob . but im looking forward to continue the work done to my quad , in order to increase its lifespan id rather fix its current jetting problem but dont really know how
  4. C

    CDI/carb problems tuning

    I have a 2002 warrior bored 40 over, kibblewhite valves yada yada yada, port and polished whole nine yards. Ill cut to the chase. I order a big gun rev box and throw er in to hopefully fix the popping and sputtering up top and get a little more out of her. Started right up got half throttle and...
  5. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior Running Rich With Aftermarket Parts

    Hey guys. I hope somebody can help shed some light on this one.... So my warrior has been sitting for a while since it broke the woodruff key. I fixed that, then it wouldn't idle except on choke. So I go through the carb real good and fixed that issue. Then the recoil "blew up" and the...
  6. M

    Carb question

    All, I am running a 38mm PE keihin carb on my 90 warrior. My jetting is a #160 main, #50 pilot and AJM needle on the second notch. My problem is my plug is covered with black soot. At idle and with a short rev there is a lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust. If I put in a brand new plug...
  7. Y

    Warrior carb on Wolverine

    So I've been reading through some of the posts and several people have put a Warrior carb on their Wolverine. I have a 2000 Wolverine and the carb is trashed. If I put a Warrior carb and boot on it will there be any problems with the stock jets that are on the Warrior carb? My Wolverine is...
  8. X

    engine overheating??

    hey guy, ive got a Warrior with a .040 over Wisco 10.25 piston, DG full exhaust, K&N filter w cut up airbox lid, Rev box, Jet kit and a few other mods. i recently installed a TrailTech Vapor dash wich is totally great! but its reading that my warrior runs at about 375-400 degrees under hard...