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  1. S

    89 Warrior Headlights?

    Alright, I'm new here and just bought an 89 Warrior. I've been cleaning it up and looking on how to take apart the headlights (square ones) to replace the bulb and clean the lens but can only find how to take the round ones apart. Any help?
  2. CarolusRex98

    Placement O' headlights

    Ok so I'm about to pimp-my-warrior and I was wondering if there's away to move the headlights down to like wer a raptor of banshees is , if not are there lights you can buy that go there , thanks!!!
  3. C

    Electric start button works headlights dont

    I have a 98' and I recently bought it and it did not have the headlights installed when I got it, so I tried to hook them up and nothing happens. I did some research on here and couldn't find exactly this situation. So, the start button works great, fires right up, but the headlight will not...
  4. cjohnsey21

    Lighting Suggestions

    Im pretty new to the warrior world and recently got a 95 and did a few things to it. My next real step is getting some lighting on it, it has no rear tail or headlights. I really don't think its worth while to find and purchase a stock headlight assembly. I got a pretty good budget for a nice...