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  1. R

    Harness help

    I am working on a 97 warrior and picked up a 99 warrior harness. I need pictures to show routing and pig tail connections if someone could email them to me at r a y m c g r a d y 8 1 @ g m a i l . C o m. Im a picture person my self. So any help would be very appreciative. Im new to the warrior...
  2. D

    Wire connector pins for 87 Warrior

    Anyone know what type of wire connector pins are used on the 87 Warrior wire harness plugs? Anyone have any luck replacing wires by installing new pins or sockets? I have the crimping tool but I'm not sure the exact size the pins are or where to purchase them. Or if anyone has a good wiring...
  3. 98Yellow350

    Wiring Harness Replacement

    I've been having some electrical problems such as my Warrior won't start with the start button and won't stop with the stop button. I was looking at my wiring harness and it looks like poo. How difficult is it to replace the wiring harness?
  4. W

    1987 warrior wiring and fuel problems... please help, im so new to this

    this is my first post and i love this site! i am having some problems with my warrior... i picked up the bike for 100 bucks like a month ago and it apparently needed a top end rebuild (really just the exhaust valve and timing chain.) so now ive got it all shiny and hooked up but i cant for the...