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  1. G

    87 warrior a Armsmall and exhaust

    This is my first post so I'm new to this but I have a 87 warrior 350 with a .30 over piston and I would like to get a new exhaust so what's better for loudness and performance hmf fmf or Yoshimura also where can I find some aftermarket a arms for my 87 and what cc would it be with it being a .30...
  2. S

    Parts for warrior need gone will make a great price for package

    Hello sorry if im going about this the wrong way but i am new to the forum For sale i have a Header pipe stock Exhaust pipe stock Headlamps in housing Full carb without side plate for throttle but that can be transfered from you old one Bowl is clean no rust! Rear tires decent tread about...
  3. J

    FS White brothers slip on exhaust

    I bought a white brothers exhaust for my 01 warrior and never put it on. I live in northern Ohio and do not want to mess with shipping if I don't have to. You can either message me or text me since I don't get on here that much. It's in good shape. When I bought it, there was a terrible repair...
  4. C

    Exhaust Header Studs Keep Breaking. Help!!!

    2000 yamaha 350 Warrior - The exhaust studs keep breaking off in the head... Yesterday was the third time I have had to drill them out retapp and replace..... Not running it hard - this is even happening when just driving on pavement. Yesterday I got frustrated and drilled out the stud holes...
  5. A

    How to build a monster

    Hey hows it going, new to the forum saying hello. Ive always loved the 350 wolvy. Used to have a 2000 years ago. I just recently bought 2 350's ones a 1995 and the other a 2001. I want to keep one as a regular rider and turn the other into a racer. Which year has more potential? What are...
  6. J

    wtb stock muffler and other stuff 2000 warrior 350

    im looking for a stock muffler for my 2000 warrior and a rear caliper and emergency brake lever cable and clutch lever assembly . i also need the plastic lock nut for the key switch and an air box lid with no holes in it ill up date the list as i remember my needs please price the items shipped...
  7. chadillac

    Exhaust identification?

    I am a new proud owner of a used warrior this year and I was hoping to get a little help from you guys. This winter I plan on doing some begining mods on the quad as it is completely stock. One of the areas I have seen that I should address is the exhaust. Currently there appears to be an...
  8. Johnsonty1024

    Carb , Air Filter , Slip on Exhaust

    Looking for 3 good brands of these parts .....Air Filter , Slip On Exhaust and Carb....Please Help....Any information is good and details are even better.