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  1. S

    1987 cdi swapped for 1990-1995

    I just bought a 1987 warrior and fully rebuilt the engine. Saddly it has no spark. I've done all the testing and concluded the cdi is toast.:argh: My plan of attack is to buy a stator, flywheel, and a cdi for a 1990-95 cause they are the next in line in the warrior world and i'm hopping will...
  2. G

    01 wolverine cdi

    need a used cdi..i have no spark and have troubleshooted to the point that the cdi is about all that's left that could be the problem..but i'm not 100 percent so i can't drop the $ on a new one on a hunch
  3. C

    Caltric Stator problem solved!! FIXED MY SPARK!!!

    Anyone out there that has been chasing spark issues on their Warrior has come across eBay stators. I took a chance on it considering how much volume Caltric is my story Bought an 01 Warrior with no spark/intermittent spark (started once). I went through the entire bike testing...
  4. B

    How to tell if stator is bad

    I have a 2000 warrior and my battery won't stay charged its the wrong sized battery but it turns the motor over well . Plz help
  5. C

    CDI/carb problems tuning

    I have a 2002 warrior bored 40 over, kibblewhite valves yada yada yada, port and polished whole nine yards. Ill cut to the chase. I order a big gun rev box and throw er in to hopefully fix the popping and sputtering up top and get a little more out of her. Started right up got half throttle and...
  6. We1Dont7Die

    '00 warrior CDI

    I have a working cdi which I kept as a spare, now that I've traded for a dirtbike I no longer need this. Looking for $60 and $6 to ship. PM me.