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  1. S

    1987 cdi swapped for 1990-1995

    I just bought a 1987 warrior and fully rebuilt the engine. Saddly it has no spark. I've done all the testing and concluded the cdi is toast.:argh: My plan of attack is to buy a stator, flywheel, and a cdi for a 1990-95 cause they are the next in line in the warrior world and i'm hopping will...
  2. Johnsonty1024

    1987 Warrior Make Over " Please Read "

    Whats up everybody.....I just brought a 1987 Warrior so now i am looking for some mods to add to it. The motor is completely stock which is decent for me but i need to know what other parts can i add to it . I am looking to add these parts : Handlebars , steering stem , bar risers , tires , rims...