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  1. mjo21

    Is this timed good enough???

    Hello, I am currently trying to time the motor in my ‘02 warrior. The ‘T’ on the flywheel is dead center but the line on my timing chain sprocket is off by the tiniest bit. Will that have any affect on how it runs? PLEASE REFER TO ATTACHED IMAGE!!!
  2. G


    My buddy has a 95 warrior he just bought. The previous owner just replaced the starter clutch on the atv. after replacing the starter clutch it would not start. After my buddy bought it, we have been trying to get it running. We have came to the conclusion that the timing is off. However we...
  3. M

    Valve adjustment?

    Hi. New guy. I did read the FAQ for this sub-forum but did not see anything specific. I will continue to search but until I find it, I thought I'd be "that guy" and ask before doing a comprehensive search. I just bought a '99 (so I'm told) Warrior. Overall, it's in fair condition. The top...