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  1. Cantonis34

    Cheap suspension upgrade?

    So I was looking for a cheap pair of shocks for my Warrior. I want to put the 660 shock on the back. But what about the front? I know banshees will fit, and I think raptor. But I do quite a few jumps, up to maybe like 30-40 ft average. And I heard banshees aren't good for jumping, is this true...
  2. W

    Works Performance Shocks

    [SOLD] I have a set of Works Performance Dual Rate shocks from my Raptor for sale. They are in fair condition with chips in the paint but, the wear is all cosmetic. They function properly, but may not be the prettiest beasts. I am asking $200 plus shipping. I also have the stock rear shock...
  3. CarolusRex98

    Banshee shocks???

    Whats the big deal about putting banshee shocks on a warrior, and should i do it???
  4. CarolusRex98

    Tightening suspention???

    How do i tighten my shocks -thank you
  5. CarolusRex98

    17" duel dirtbike shocks

    I have my dirtbike that i always talk about , its dual shock and 37 years old , it is very low to the ground, ive been trying to make mounts , but it doesnt work so does any one know where to buy 17" dual rear shocks or 4" mount lifts PLEASE TELL ME WHERE!!!