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  1. Cantonis34

    Any carb experts please help!

    I have an 02 Warrior with a Zoom Zoom carb. I just got a new PowerBomb header and put it on. Didn't touch my carb at all. The bike was running a little rich to begin with, but now it's popping and making all sorts of banging noises. I have no idea what the problem is, I think it's to lean.. But...
  2. G

    jets and break-in ride (yes, another one)

    OK, to start I know both of these topics have been covered in excruciating detail all over this forum in the past, and I have read A LOT of these posts, and learned a lot, but the question I have is this... I have what I feel will be adequate jets in my carb for the mods I have for the initial...
  3. A

    How to build a monster

    Hey hows it going, new to the forum saying hello. Ive always loved the 350 wolvy. Used to have a 2000 years ago. I just recently bought 2 350's ones a 1995 and the other a 2001. I want to keep one as a regular rider and turn the other into a racer. Which year has more potential? What are...