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  1. S

    Air cleaner joint discontinued

    I need a replacement for the air cleaner joint on my 2003, I found out the OEM (1UY-14453-00-00) had been discontinued and the only one I could find was $200 on ebay. What other models will fit?
  2. ksowin87

    Intake Manifold HELP!!

    Alright... the other day i was riding and heard a popping noise coming from the top of the motor. I looked around and found that the intake manifold was ripped in the center. Every time the engine popped the rip on the manifold opened up then closed... So I thought that was the problem. So I got...
  3. warriorsrawesome

    Jetting Questions....

    Ok my 99 Warrior has an FMF Megamax 2 slip on exhaust pipe / muffler with a spark arrestor on the end. FMF recommends a 150 or 152 main jet for my quad with JUST the pipe, but they were running a special fuel mixture and I just use regular gas. Also I'm 500 feet below their altitude. The other...