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  1. K

    Starting problems. HELP please

    I can't cant start the engine basically. The starter turns but the motor doesn't. Spark is good. I have a pull start on it and the engine turns. With plug out i can confirm that the engine has compression. With the plug out and starter going I have nothing coming out of the spark plug hole. Kill...
  2. R

    Please help, ignition switch problems

    I am kinda new to ATV's and I recently bought a 2000 warrior 350. The ignition switch keeps shorting out so I took it off to replace it and I touched the red wire to the black one by accident. Now I don't have any power anywhere. I really wanted to ride today but I guess im screwed now. Any...
  3. We1Dont7Die

    '00 warrior ignition coil

    Spare ignition coil for sale $10, $6 shipping. PM Me