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  1. Silvestre

    Piston and stroker Kit JE+HOTROD STOKER KIT

    Hey! Currently i am rebuilding my yamaha warrior 350. Looking for some gains in hp and cc. I am thinking about the JE piston ( 85mm 12:1) + Hot rod stroker kit (+4mm). Is there any issue with the head on this setup?
  2. T

    please help, 379 hot rods stroker

    ok im new to messing with the internal engine parts. i have what i believe is a 91 warrior. i want to put in the hot rods +4mm crank(379cc). i am unsure on what piston to get. hot rods says you have to use their piston(P3001), i know you can use other pistons as i have seen it on this site. i am...