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  1. BornWithNoBrains

    RIP james

    my friend he was 17 and a cool guy..he rolled a z400 pinned 5th gear...he hit a tree and rolled prob 5 or 6 times downhill the bike hitting him. then my friend matt hit his 400ex as he was trying to brake he just fell off ( no injuries to matt) this was 2 days ago and i was behind him as he took...
  2. broughsy01warrior

    Twist throttle + tree = bent frame.

    Me and my buddies were going to our friends hunting camp. When I pulled in to the camp road I geared down and gave it a bit of throttle and the front end came up because I had one of my buddies on the back riding bitch, and I just went blank, I don't know if it was from adrenaline or shock but...