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  1. J

    clunking noise near front sprocket

    When I start out there is clunking noise from near the front sprocket. At first I thought it just needed a chain adjustment but not so. I pulled the front sprocket cover and the only thing that I can see is the roller has some side ways slop, It does rotate on the swing arm which I assume...
  2. CarolusRex98

    How can i tighten my chain???

    I have a RK chain and i dont know how to tighten it, how do i tighten it???
  3. CarolusRex98

    Dry chain???

    Ive lubed my chail again and again and it always sounds dry , does anyone know how to solve that , because i dont want it to lock up or beak
  4. B

    Upgrading sprockets What to get??

    Hey there i just bought a warrior used, noticed 1 broken tooth on the front sprocket so im going to replace everything, has anyone experimented :atv: with different tooth counts? im looking to start racing hare scrambles if that makes any difference, please let me know of what you think! thanks :)