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  1. CarolusRex98

    New/cheap dirtbikes!!!

    Ok i need a dirtbike wer the year is atleast a 2000, i can jump right on it and ride it, and 600$ and under, if its a 4-stroke 125 or higher, if its a 2-stroke 80 or higher, you can make offerse for bikes in the late 90s, thank you...
  2. CarolusRex98

    Im so happy!!!

    I know its pithetic , but i fannaly figured out how to ride a dirtbike , it took me about a month but i can finnally do it , my issue was twisties they were so touchy , but it was a 4-stroke so it was less touchy so when i fix my 2-stroke , ill have to re-lern , but still IM SO HAPPY!!!
  3. CarolusRex98

    17" duel dirtbike shocks

    I have my dirtbike that i always talk about , its dual shock and 37 years old , it is very low to the ground, ive been trying to make mounts , but it doesnt work so does any one know where to buy 17" dual rear shocks or 4" mount lifts PLEASE TELL ME WHERE!!!
  4. CarolusRex98

    Dirtbike wint start HELP!!!

    Ok its about a dirtbike not a warrior , i know ive herd plenty of stuff in this forum that wasnt warrior or raptor related So ok, ive got this dirtbike everything on it is working but i kick it and kick it and it wont run, does anyone know how to fix it or have any tips on how to kick it...
  5. CarolusRex98

    Convincing freind to go warrior!!!

    My buddy has a banshee and he wants another bike, a 4-stroke, tha is nearly un-killable, and is still a nice bike, ya a warrior, but he wants a 400ex but scre honda (sorry honda fans) , so does anybody know how t swing him!!! HELP SOON!!! Thanks...