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  1. DaWarriorGuy29

    Big 3 for Warrior 350

    I want to do a build on my Warrior. I first want to start with bolt ons like exhaust and air filter. I have a few questions: 1. What slip on should I get. Leaning towards HMF but wondering if that's still the best 2. My header pipe is rusted bad and I need a new one. Should I just get a OEM...
  2. K

    air filter/box

    New to the Wolverine 450. Bought a used '07. I am having trouble getting the lid to seat properly on the air box. Which leaves me wondering if the filter is being pushed down enough to seal. The box and lid both seem to be warped a bit. Anyone else have this problem? I've already replaced the...
  3. Johnsonty1024

    Carb , Air Filter , Slip on Exhaust

    Looking for 3 good brands of these parts .....Air Filter , Slip On Exhaust and Carb....Please Help....Any information is good and details are even better.