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I am a new member, and could really use some help figuring this out. I am looking for a wiring harness for my 87 warrior 350x. I am getting nowhere looking for OEM number. There has to be some good used ones out there. Can anyone please give me suggestions? Are any of the 80's harness's interchangable? Are banchee or big bear harness exchangable with same 350x engine?
I would like to volunteer to be a mod here as it doesnt look we have any anymore
just wondering if your still around i haven't seen new videos for a long time and your last post is in 2008 what happend you've got some of my favoret vids post some it time to catch up
hey man saw ur lost trail pics u from pa??if so where from i'm in scranton also can u tell me where i can get GYTR stuff for my wolvy 450 i already got the pipe and it sounds pretty sweet

I saw you had a post about having a snorkel and pics. Any chance you can send me soe pics of the snorkel.

I will admit that I dont ride it enoough but I detail it after each ride from top to bottom,as for the wheels the pair I got with my sand tires I got from traxsm motorsports,but I got the wheels at a good price from my local 4wheel parts wholesaler,big mistake,I would go back to Traxm motorsports svc much better
Never mind! Just seen your updated signature in a post! ....DUH STI wheels!
Now go get that thing muddy for cryin out loud
I swear you don't get that thing dirty! I'm starting to believe you don't even ride it and its a yard decoration!
Alright, I'm going to need tires soon and would like to get the rims you have on there. Would you mind sharing what rims they are and where you got them and how much?

hey ive been digging around about a wolverine locker heard your story, what ever happened, did you get it all straightened out?