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Jun 1, 2005
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u guys play any sports or do any things else beside ridding quads all day??? :)
i use to play soccer for my school but i stoped this year so now all i do is track
I work, hunt, fish, and pretty much anything else I have a chance to have fun at like football, softball, etc. But mainly work!
football- get home at 700 then either eating or sleeping then bed- weekends we ride
Holy ****, it must be a minority to be out of high school on this board. You guys are making me feel like an old man! :mad: I work full time and have classes for my master's degree in the evening. I bow hunt and gun hunt, work on my 300zx and drink beer in my spare time ;D .
Hunt (somewhat), usually sit around until something comes up and mow the grass every once in awhile. No sports for me either in high school. It was strictly media class and study hall, ahhh the hard days of life.
i extreme skate like on the half pipes and stuff. thats pretty fun i also work on my lawn mower racer and my truck and blazer