Second annual warrior meet up at Badlands off-road park

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Jun 29, 2009
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This is a copy and paste from Weston Rainwater


Today is the day many of y'all have been waiting for.
Badlands dates and info.

The 2nd Annual Warrior ride will be at the Badlands Off Road park in Attica, Indiana June 10th and 11th. Some of us will be there earlier and be leaving on the 12th.

There is a group made for this event and the people in it and that will be linked below.

The ride park is a private park, it is a pay by the day affair for riding so check out the park site (link below) for more info on entry fees. A flag is required. If you have a flag from riding at the sand dunes that is acceptable and if you do not have one they are sold in the park store.

There is camping available at Off the Trails Camp ground (link below) about 1/4 mile from the entrance to the park and you can ride from the camp ground to the ride park.

We have plans for a barrel racing and bracket drag racing on Saturday and a meet and greet/show and shine Saturday night. So don't plan on skipping out early. We are working with badlands to see if we can get the ride hours extended. The exact times for everything is not set in stone. There will be a more in-depth explanation in coming posts for the events.

Drag racing - there will be THREE classes.
Small bore 348cc -365cc
Big bore 366cc and bigger

- The small and big bore classes will both be Warrior or Raptor 350 only. The unlimited class will be for anything else.

Barrel racing will have 2 different classes men's and women's classes.

The winner for each class will have their names engraved onto a plaque displayed near the bottom of a Trophy that will be on display each year. Also the fastest Warrior 350 of the weekend will be on immortalized on the shirt next year as long as it is not a repeat winner.

Stay tuned there will be more info come.

J.D. Hancock and myself are the in charge of organizing this event this year. If you have questions message us or comment below, we would be happy to answer any questions we can.

Bandlands website

Off the trails camp ground

YFM350 Warlord Group event page