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Dec 8, 2018
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If you have questions about how to function with this new software, please post them here. I will be happy to help you. Also, if you are lurking and cannot log in, just use the Contact Us at the bottom right corner of the forum. I will get the notification and can help you.


One of the most appreciated features of the XenForo software is that you can easily use the Upload a File button at the bottom of a post to upload directly from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.


As you can see when uploading you can choose the thumbnail size, or Full Image. I recommend full image.

Also, speaking of images, you can do a copy and paste. Copy somewhere else and then just paste into your message box when making a post.

Private Messages are called Conversations. You will see a small envelope in the upper right corner.


You will see where you can see all conversations, or just the ones in the que that have not yet been read. To start a conversation (private message) just click on that envelope and start a new conversation. Put your recipients name in the To box.

The little man icon next to the envelope gets you to your user control panel. Explore that. That is where your settings are shown.

Hope this helps you, and if you have more questions. Please post them here.