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Jun 29, 2009
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Mogadore, Oh
Last summer I started getting the itch to start a new warrior build but something with a 90s theme. Like a pair of pit viper glasses but an atv. Shortly after, a fellow warrior member asked if anyone was interested in a 91 project. So I brought it home and started taking it apart. The project stalled out for awhile as the quad really was going to be a frame up build and still needed a motor, full wiring and an exhaust since I sold the yoshimura it came with.

Fast forward to October and I go to pick up a set of maier plastic off a quad that's being parted out. He end up talking me into buying the whole thing while im thinking I can just fix the no spark issue and flip it. I get it home and see how good of condition it actually is in and think it would be a shame to just throw some old plastic on this thing plus the vin came back as a 93.

After thinking about it at work I realize the 91 project really isn't going anywhere due to time and everything is there on this quad (including a supertrapp exhaust) so why not just put the pieces I like from it (fenders, pink shocks and white wheel) on this 93 and make this the retro build.

Plan now is to get the quad together, probably just going ahead with new electrical. Use my durablue axle, gray fenders, pink shocks and white wheels after cleaning them up good and getting it running. Then as I go I can powder the parts from the 91 is I want and just begin swapping them over a little at a time.

Other plans are to clean up a teal tank cover I have and either find a matching hood or paint the maier hood I have teal to match, oem pink graphics and teal cascade seat cover.


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