not very active huh

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yea i come on right afterschool and in school lol, i also just keep it on my computer all the time i just minamize it untill i shut my comp off at about 11
ya i alway check the site like 5982 a day and i never see any one on
Thats excellent...Sorry I watched waynes world earlier on VH1. Well I didnt watch it b/c I was on the computer, but I head it :)
Same here, ill check it at like 9:00 and then again at like 9:15 lol.
we need to get more members if u notice on other forums i have this site in everyone of my signiatures
2 Members, 0 Guests. Most users online was 15, 7/14/05 at 22:41
:eek: :eek: :eek:


Thats more like it!!