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Aug 23, 2021
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Hey guys new to the forum. Recently bought an 01 Warrior that looked like it had been garage kept and still had lots of tread on its original tires.
It seems to run great with the exception of if I quickly floor it it will bog and stall. If I gradually rev it it does fine. We took it on its first outing in the Ocala national forest and it did great but the other thing I noticed is if I idle for a minute and then go to give it any gas at all it's sometimes bogs and will frequently stall. Right after that it runs like it does normally.
I assume it's a problem with the accelerator pump and a rebuild should take care of it. I have not done any performance mods as of yet but do eventually planning on doing a muffler and better air intake. We are also at sea level and somebody told me that they run pretty lean and it did seem to run extremely hot while riding during a typical Florida hot summer day. Should I change the Jets while I've got it apart to make it run a little richer and hopefully cooler and then assume on changing the Jets again when I do some performance mods?
I may even do the oil cooler before doing the performance parts. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks