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Aug 6, 2023
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So help me god. If I can't get this quad running again, I'm going to roll it into the yard and light it on fire!!🔥🔥

Ok with that out of the way.
Like so many others, I'm having electrical problems. I've search and tried all the solutions people recommended in old threads.

2001 Warrior:
This quad ran when I bought it. But it needed a carb cleaning, clutch repaired, neutral switch & other miscellaneous items.
So it sat for a few weeks while I gathered parts. Got everything back together, looking beautiful and... it's got no power. No lights, no crank, nothing. I checked the BRAND NEW battery, that worked perfectly a few weeks ago.
A full 5 volts. try a jump pack. Nothing. Not even a fart.

Pull the battery and get it on the charger. Start going through the wiring. Checked fuse=good. Discovered that someone replaced the key switch with an 02 switch. They just cut off the 2 black wires (on the key pigtail) that control the kill switch from the key (you couldn't turn off quad with the key, only handlebar switch). But quad ran ok a month prior.
I charged the battery, it came back to 12+ volts. Hooked it up. still nothing. Did the old wiggle trick and held my breath.
Sooo WTF. These quads are pretty basic. What would cause the battery to drain like that? Other than the key, it doesn't look like anyone's cut / spliced or added any goofy connectors to the harness.


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Jun 1, 2023
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I get mine from time to time when it sits the engine run/ light switch gets crusty and will do about what you are describing. Usually I just work the thing on/off a bunch of times and it sorts itself out. If that doesn't do it it's more than likely a corroded wire or bad contact with the fuse, being it's all your power and not just a starter thing.Giving everything a good jiggle tends to scare the gremlins out of hiding. A cheap test light or multimeter and the wiring diagrams will tell you everything you need to know if you can't see something obvious (there are diagrams on this sight somewhere)
Just be mindful, electrical gremlins like to run away when you try find them, especially if you are mad.