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Aug 7, 2005
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If you buy stuff from ebay or someone across the border how do you know if you will get the product like if buying a engine from someone in kentucky and me in ontario.How do you know that you will get your product instead of box of bolts and metal?
Start there, you'll find more answers if ya look. I have bought my warrior a 98, ALL new bearings, new brakes, new plastics, new lights, new chain guide/slider and rollers, new ignition coil, new air filter, used rims, used swingarm, used tail and headlights, used wiring harness, used cdi, used solenoid, used clutch cover, and a used transmission. Surely there is more but I'd have to think harder and I don't do that well;)
Out of all that the only time I was not happy was with my tranny so I sent it back and all money except S&H was refunded. I have had good luck some people have not, hopefully you do.
Where in Canada are you from? I was born and raised in T.O.
Its an agreement. The seller has a responsibility to send the item won to the winning bidder. The seller has up to 30 days to get the item to the winning bidder. If this has not happened you can file a claim at which ebay will investigate the problem(You can only file the claim after the 30 days are up). This has happened to me a few times. Yes it is a hassle having to wait 2 months to get my money back. But it is better then not getting my money back. However if you buy an item and the listing says "as is" then that is exactly that and there is nothing they nor you can do about it. You take the gamble in buying anything that states "as is".

I have bought many items from people in canada. The only difference is it took a couple days longer to receive the item, but I can deal with that.