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Mar 30, 2020
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Started buying up all the old machines from the days of my childhood...why because I feel ATV's are about a thing of the past unless your into 4x4's which I am also.

Had this for years buying, sellig, parting, flipping basicly was left with a free machine as a roller.

Titled 2002
Modified front blaster sprindles for warrior 350 hydrolic brakes
Fully gussested frame with trx450R rear master cyliner
Raptor 660 modified Roll design Foot pegs for OEM blaster rear brake pedal
TRX700XX front master cylinder with stainless 03-06 blaster stock lenght brake lines
YZ426F front master cylinder used on the rear carrier which was modified for it w/ +2 stainless brake line
+1.5" swingarm I build for a warrior 350 rear shock that was build and revalved for 150lb old kid
3rd gen ATC250R/TRX250R rear rotor I had new on modified rear blaster brake hub
03-06 OEM blaster rear axle I had left over
OEM banshee front shocks I had kept from my banshee days that i put new bump stops and power coated.
PRM baja grab bar I cut up from my KFX700xx for the blaster
OEM light bar cage on steering them I modifed for the LED light i took off my KFX700 when i sold it.
OEM front bumper was cut and renforced...i never really liked the aftermarket ones on blasters due to the massive flat spot on the front of the frame
Stock length tie rods from Amerincan start (used them on machines in the past and are more decent then stock)
TRX450R rear hubs I modified the profile of splines to slip onto yamaha splnes
LTR450 OEM rims with lazer cut reinforcing rings welded in both sides on OEM Raptor 125 rear tires
Front warrior hubs and a set of very vintage durablue poly wheel spacers...not a big fan of them but the blaster is so tiny and an extra inch wont be felt in trails by a kid or old kid. I was temped to build new +1 +1 a arms since I do not like the arms from other companys with heim joints but the OEM a arms I had were crazy nice...I just build new bushings and rebuild the OEM ones. The ball joints were crazy tight with no play. Figured they will be fine until i want to upgrade it.
Beefed up OEM style rear swingarm skid plate
XFR engine skid plate
A arm skid plates I got off ebay, company was not listed but looked nice
Gutted wire harness, no torrs, only a head light. CR clutch perch
Rear sprocket guard I turned from old delrin I had.

Nothing special, daughter and I assembled it in 2 nights. I had everything rebuild and ready laid out on carpet kinda pre assembled.

I wanted to have this built for when my daughter is ready. I used OEM exhaust, motor was 100% stock and newly rebuild top and bottomend. I added a nice air filter but OEM bore, had crank rebuild and new rod put in also. I did do a clutch basket oiling mod but no big deal. Now days I just keep them stock, way easier for machines your not riding all the time. It can sit until shes ready to ride it for all I care. It's been years since I saw a nice blaster riding anyware. Resized_20200924_225122.jpeg