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Aug 18, 2005
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Jefferson, NJ(New Jermany)
Been a long time sincence i have been on this forum. Been an even longer time since i have seen my Warrior. After my Daughter was born i put the Warrior under my deck, put a tarp over it, and said one day.....

So 2 kids later, me getting fatter and older, 15yrs have passed. I actually have kids that are interested in riding atvs. So i dug her out, and lets say, its not a pretty sight.

Its all there and fairly sound, but levers are siezed, chain is screwed, brakes are set fast, bearings have issues, but all in all, its there....

Now why i am here....

Years ago someone sent me a PDF manual, for the love of me i cant find it. Would anyone have one or a valid link to one, either Clymer or Yamaha?

Any help would be appreciated....