93 worrior no start after warm up.

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Apr 19, 2023
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Hey guys, almost finished building my '93 worrior but hit a snag. She fires up fine at first, don't even need the choke, just increase rpm a little for a few seconds and idle is perfect. I shut it down after warm up and it will not start again, cranks and pops out the carb. After a few hours it will start again just fine. After much research, I have not found a solution. Possible problems I could think of and have tried are the following: Carb rebuild and replacement x2, new intake boot, top end rebuild, valves Stator & pickup replacement, clutch switch bypass, CDI replacement, all wiring checked for proper connections, new ignition coils, new spark plug and gapped. rejetted carb, gas tank flushed, new petcock, gas cap breather ok. Oh, valves are adjusted to specs too and exhaust pipe is clear. I am running it without the airbox and filter installed this but don't think that would cause my issue. Being a retired Navy Jet Mechanic, this should be childs play for me. Has anyone else out there had this kind of issue? l late note, I'm running with a 150 main jet and 45 pilot jet if would make a difference.

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