2003 backfiring wont rev high idle .

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Jan 6, 2019
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i picked this warrior up 2 years ago last year i installed a new Yamaha carb. at the end of the season around Jan it was parked. February it was restarted but had melted the neg battery terminal off the battery. replaced the battery it ran fine. Aprile went to start it it was hard to start and had high idle and would back fire and die once the choke was placed in off. pulled the carb replaced the rubber intake with a 1 peace aluminum one. same issue. checked my grounds to rectifier and cdi there good. 0.02 ohms. carb accelerator pump is working. any thoughts on what i may have missed. the park brake switch is removed that was done when i 1st got it. im thinking carb so I'll be pulling it back off and tearing it apart again. the service manual isn't much help on pin point test. but the connections and switches all test good. any ideas would be appreciated. thank you