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joel cook

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May 21, 2023
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just happen to find this 100% unmolested 2000 350 warrior
Every thing you see but the cooler and rear rack was put on at the dealership prior to picking it up in late 2001. My buddy for many years pick it up drove two hours to hook up with his friends that convinced him they boat all summer and ride all winter.so went picked it out because about 13 riders bought warrior in the 80,"s when the model first came out because of the six speed and reverse.. so he had everything all skid guards nurf bars well I guess everything they told he needed. They all hook up and road hard Sat. The next day one of the group was jumping about 30 feet up and out but he hit the jump wrong and had a relly bsd crash and had to be air lifted out. That day the owner of the property told them no more riding and turn the gate key in. SO EVERYONE WAS TRYING TO FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO RIDE NO LUCK.. After months Every one was back boating that's how I meet the group, I was a boater . In 2010 he retired I was helping him trying to get all the tools moved back into his garage and under the work bench under a tarp was this warrior. He told me his story and ask if I could store it for him I put about 30 hours on it st my farm. Long story short he sold it to my buddy's son. After all the years he called me because mine just got stolen about 5 months before
He czlled me and ask me if i wanted to buy it but I was looking for somthing newer.
He said he was getting married and needed money. I ask him how bad was it. Blew my mined he bought a dirt bike and never road it not one time. It had been in his garage all these years. So my scooter will be coming back home after all these years I had to take it I'd say total hours maybe 50
and I put 40 of them on it. Just wild. The one I had it was a 98 and it ived a very hard life d a very had life. So this new project begins ha

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