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Apr 25, 2022
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Hello everyone, I'm Allen I live in Eastern Idaho. I recently picked up a 1987 Warrior 350 my first "sport quad". I have a 2021 Kodiak 450 that my wife has taken over. I have some experience wrenching on dirt bikes and jeeps but I'm new to fixing up old wheelers so I am glad I found this site. The Warrior is in pretty rough shape but mostly all there. I picked it up for $600 so hopefully when it's a runner I won't have a fortune into it. I started by ordering parts to freshen it up, air filter, oil filter, battery, front and rear sprockets, chain, chain roller, clutch cable, bars and brake pads. I changed the oil, drained the gas tank put fresh gas in and added inline fuel filter. When I tried to start it the starter spins but engine does not. From searching around I think it may be a bad one way bearing. So I go to pull start it and pull start sticks and won't retract so I tore it apart and ordered some new parts for it. While waiting for parts to show up I decided to do the rear brakes they were a little different than what I'm used to but I got it figured out. Moved on to the front brakes left side went fairly easy I also pulled the bearings out of the hubs they were very dirty but are still good. Then the right front brakes, caliper bracket broken, bearing completely blown out spacer chewed up which ruined the inside of the hub there were no pads. I started pricing out replacement parts and was blown away by their cost. My first question for you guys is should I bother looking for OEM replacement parts or just go ahead and put on aftermarket arms with heim joints, and upgrade the brakes and the hubs to something aftermarket or from a more modern wheeler? I am hoping to get it running with the pull start to start with and then going deeper into the one-way bearing problem. Well that's where I'm at after a few days of owning this thing, any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Dec 8, 2018
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