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  1. ag2560

    Is this bad?

    I had a customer call me and say my quad won`t start. He drops it off and tells me it just stopped running and nothing else. I think I found the problem.
  2. ag2560

    2023 yzf front shocks

    I`d be careful doing motocross with the widening kit. They`re not really made to take that abuse. I`ve seen quite a few of those on some of my customers quads that can barely handle trail riding without bending.
  3. ag2560

    Unsure if i screwed up

    The 88 Stator and flywheel setup won`t work with a 97 harness. There`s an extra coil on the Stator and 2 trigger points on the flywheel. It`s going to be easier to just convert it completely to the later electrical system and flywheel. Then you`ll have an easier time getting parts lot`s of 97-01...
  4. ag2560

    Warrior pics

    Where`s that at Piney? I`m in Jersey and would love to check it out.
  5. ag2560

    Parts Wanted wtb: white brothers e series exhaust

    Good luck trying to a find a Supertrapp beastly. It took me around a year to find a decent one and I still had to pay out the ass for it. I`ve turned the DG megaphone muffler into supertrapps for some of my customers. You can get a set of the 4 inch discs and an end cap and drill and tap the...
  6. ag2560

    New guy on a quad

    First off thank you for your service. Secondly start with checking the plug pull it out of the head and hook the wire back up. Ground it on the motor and see if you have any spark. If not check the connectors on the harness to see if anything came loose. A lot of times it`s the Stator that...
  7. ag2560

    Warrior pics

    They`re aftermarket plastics from Maier. I really wanted orange ones like on my last Warrior but they don`t make them anymore.
  8. ag2560

    Warrior pics

    I finally finished my Warrior just trying to decide on the graphics.
  9. ag2560


    I ride a bunch of places in PA. If I`m doing a weekend thing I`ll go to SSRT and some of the state trails close to there. Iv`e been to Rock Run a few times. If I`m doing a day trip I`ll go to AOAA or Lost Trails.
  10. ag2560


    Where are you riding in NJ? I`m from Central Jersey all the places I used to go down south are pretty much off limits now. I head out to PA or upstate NY to get my riding fix.
  11. ag2560

    Inconsistent Spark, Don't know what to do next

    The only key that works for the 87 is the oem 87 switch.
  12. ag2560

    Inconsistent Spark, Don't know what to do next

    Get a new key switch from Yamaha on the 87 it was different than the other years. They lump it in 87-95 but it was a one off piece.
  13. ag2560

    Warrior pics

    Been working on building myself another Warrior for the past 2 years finally got the roller together. Still waiting on the shocks and need to finish the motor.
  14. ag2560

    Please Help Yamaha 350

    Check number 27 in the diagram. It has 2 needle bearings they can back out and bind up the transmission. You can just tap them back in with a bearing driver or a socket.
  15. ag2560

    What’s up everyone

    Dave I don`t know if you remember me I bought a motor from you a while back. I`m right in Piscataway and have a ton of Warrior parts if you need something message me.
  16. ag2560

    Jetting for 366

    Did you change the pilot jet also the stock one is a 22.5. I would put a 25 in it also depending on the year you may have to drill out the plug over the mixture screw to fine tune it. They come jetted lean from the factory.
  17. ag2560

    2004 warrior stopped running after new cylinder and piston

    From the looks of the first picture I think the valves hit the piston.
  18. ag2560

    Reverse Kills Engine

    Try taking the green/white wire that goes to the reverse lever and ground it directly to the frame and see if it still happens.
  19. ag2560

    Reverse Kills Engine

    Check the ground connection on the reverse lever. There should be a black wire on the back of the switch that is grounded to one of the reverse lever mounting bolts. check if it has a clean ground to the frame.