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  1. beastlywarrior228

    New member

    I usually put dual piston yfz calipers up front.
  2. beastlywarrior228

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  3. beastlywarrior228

    350 raptor rpms high

    Who said anything about 40 plus?
  4. beastlywarrior228

    Extreme plastics restoration

    Looks good
  5. beastlywarrior228

    350 raptor rpms high

    I think the raptor stock came with a 22.5 pilot? I would just buy a size up on the pilot and 2 up from where you're at on your main.
  6. beastlywarrior228

    Long travel rear suspension ideas

    Yes it'll remove all of the buck with that shock and link.
  7. beastlywarrior228

    350 raptor rpms high

    Go 1 up on pilot and 2 or 3 up on main.
  8. beastlywarrior228


    Welcome! What is your budget? I always recommend doing a +2 an arms setup with revalved yfz shocks. If you can long travel is the way to go.
  9. beastlywarrior228

    Long travel rear suspension ideas

    Yes I talk to him all of the time. I am actually running one of his links now. It doesn't add travel per se but it is super smooth. With my long travel front suspension and his linkage with a banshee shock I was floating over everything.
  10. beastlywarrior228

    Swing arm pivot bearings

    Try to keep the rollers in while installing. If you can't I would by new ones and be careful with them.
  11. beastlywarrior228

    93 worrior no start after warm up.

    Odd. Every time this has happened to me it was the coil.
  12. beastlywarrior228

    2000 yamaha warrior 350

    Welcome. Cool story and nice quad.
  13. beastlywarrior228

    Yamaha raptor 660r

    Looks cool
  14. beastlywarrior228

    04 warrior

    Welcome! I love the 04 se
  15. beastlywarrior228

    Jet size help. Detonating. glowing head pipe and back fire.

    Hot rods has a piston for that crank but you can use the wiseco with a spacer plate under the jug.
  16. beastlywarrior228

    Thanks for the add

    Welcome. Sounds fun.
  17. beastlywarrior228

    Newbie here

  18. beastlywarrior228

    Camshaft specs

    Added new grinds from Weston to the original post.