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  1. shark

    2006 raptor 350

    For sale: 2006 Yamaha Raptor 350. It has ODI rogue lock-on grips, maxxis razr tires (only 3-4 rides), full skid plates, JAWS front bumper, tusk nerf bars, , and the original tires and bumper. It has a fresh oil change, new carrier bearings, and new rear brake pads (all replaced at the...
  2. shark

    warrior direct shifter

    I wear size 10 shoes so they are about average. My shifter was working fine but the linkage broke on my last ride so I figured that I would just upgrade to the direct shifter. I think that I will just replace the linkage for now and look for a shorter shifter at spring Carlisle.
  3. shark

    warrior direct shifter

    Hi, I just got a yz250f shifter for my raptor and it seem to be too long. With the arch of my foot on the peg my toes barely miss it. Is there difference between the raptor's and the warrior's shifter setups? Does it matter that it is for 06-10 models? Is there a shifter that fits the...
  4. shark

    Michaux State Park

    I may be up there on Sunday. If anyone is up there keep an eye out for me.
  5. shark

    Full yosh exhaust- sold

    How much after the stock exhaust?
  6. shark

    Trail ride tool kit

    Don't forget a tire plugging kit.
  7. shark

    new tires

    I am thinking the razr or razr 2
  8. shark

    new tires

    I found the hd's in my size. How much do they weigh and how easily can they slide.
  9. shark

    new tires

    Hi, I have already asked this on the raptor forum but I figured that I would ask it here too since there are more people with 350s on here. I want to know what tires you guys run and how do you like them. I am looking for a set of rear tires that will last long and hold up on the trail. I...
  10. shark

    Trevorton pa

    Hi. I have ridden up there for a couple of years and can say that the trails are nice. You do need the permit as said above. I have never needed to lodge up there so I can not help you with that but you can see the town from the coal hill. There may be some hotel in there. You could also...
  11. shark


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