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  1. Johnsonty1024

    350 Warrior For Sale MUST GO

    First Gen 350 Warrior For Sale . Comes With New Rear Tires , A Full Set Of Used Tires , A Bunch Of Other Parts . Quad Does Need TLC .Taking No Less Than $300 Located In Annapolis,Maryland . I Will Delivery But You Will Pay For My Gas To & From You Location .I Will Get Gas Receipts . First Come...
  2. Johnsonty1024

    intake manifold

    my intake manifold has cracked/broken twice now when i've gone trail riding . Any suggestions on why or what could be causing this .
  3. Johnsonty1024

    pull starter

    does anyone have a pull starter for sale ? if so please call or text me 4435977192
  4. Johnsonty1024

    Pull starter needed

    I need a pull starter . If you have one call me or text me now 443-597-7192 i need it asap
  5. Johnsonty1024

    pull starter

    anyone have a pull starter for sale. need it asap
  6. Johnsonty1024

    Looking For A Local Mechanic

    Looking For A Mechanic In These Area's: Maryland , Northern Virginia , Delaware . Contact Me If Anyone Knows A Good Mechanic
  7. Johnsonty1024

    Parts needed badly

    Looking for a banshee frame(A-Arm Style) and a first gen 87 push button start.
  8. Johnsonty1024

    carb is messing up bad

    warrior is doing this. i know it has to do with the carb. just got it cleaned . what do i need to change or adjust to get it running correctly. the video wouldnt load to the site idk why
  9. Johnsonty1024

    Really bad carb issues & intake boot

    Ok.So my quad has been sitting for about 2 months. I took the carb of and took it to a shop and got it clean and rebuild with the rebuild kit. Put it on the other day ,it ran good for about 30 minutes .Then started making a noise like something was ticking . Then it changed from that to shots of...
  10. Johnsonty1024

    carb removal trouble

    i am trying to remove my carb so i can clean and rebuild it . can seem to get it off . any tips or suggestions for the easiest way to remove it .
  11. Johnsonty1024


    Does anyone know a good site for banshee forums ? I just brought a banshee and i am looking to sell my warrior. First person to give me 500 buck gets it and a BUNCH of parts and new set of rear tires. shoot me a text if you interested in the warrior 4435977192
  12. Johnsonty1024

    few questions for you guys

    Do any 1st gen owner have heel guards/rest on there warrior and if so what did you have to do to install them? Repainting my entire quad , whats a good paint to use and whats a good chemical to use for cleaning off the oil dirt and grim . Anyone in these states that can rebuild motors from...
  13. Johnsonty1024

    Quick questions

    I NEED A FEW QUESTIONS ANSWERED 1) What's the best carb for a 87 warrior? 2) What 1 part can be added to increase power/torque? 3) Are there extended A Arms for a 87 warrior?
  14. Johnsonty1024

    exhaust header

    Looking for a exhaust head pipe.....text me its quicker 4435977192
  15. Johnsonty1024

    Build Your Opinion Of The Best Warrior

    Frame: A Arms: Swingarm: Steering Stem: Stabilizer: Axle: Carrier: Locknut: Hubs F|R: Bars: Throttle/Clutch Lever: Grips: Nerfs...
  16. Johnsonty1024

    oem exhaust

    looking for a stock exhaust.Prefer a raptor exhaust but any that is in good condition will do .
  17. Johnsonty1024

    350 raptor exhaust on a warrior

    does anyone know if a stock 350 raptor exhaust wit mount on a 87 first gen warrior....wanna get it and customize it so its quiet as a mouse.
  18. Johnsonty1024

    parts wanted

    87/88 headlight mount stock exhaust or cheap aftermarket exhaust rear rims not tire Carb pm me or email me [email protected] or text me 4435977192 call also
  19. Johnsonty1024

    Clutch or Piston ???

    Help me out please....was riding in the woods today making new trails and my bike stopped going in gear . I shut it down to and restarted it and it started fine but i could not get it in any gear...Check out the video and please tell me what i need to get fixed .
  20. Johnsonty1024

    Piston & Top End Question

    What is the best piston i can buy for a stock motor.Whats the average price for a top end rebuild kit? Which brand makes the better product?