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    02-04 new oem cdi

    Tried selling it on ebay and noone wants it apparently, took out of packaging and put on bike thinking it was my issue, turned out it wasnt so now i just have a new cdi laying around with NO TIME ON IT, other than being plugged in. $100 shipped FIRM for this. I only take paypal.
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    Parts i no longer need, do you need them?

    my 03 is finally torn down, i have a few parts i will no longer need and if are unneeded here i may either throw away or keep depending on what it is.. Complete stock front brake setup, lever to pads rear bearing carrier with good bearings and a zerk fitting stock steering stem clutch cable...
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    complete motor, any condition.

    emphasis on complete. beyond that, let me know what you got. preferably stock.
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    Need a picture of American star a arms.

    Trying to take some of the guess work out of these a arms i bought off ebay, could somebody with AS a arms take a picture from the top of the a arm so i can see how they are offset.
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    ... stay tuned :D
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    wtb: aftermarket Front Shocks

    NO WORKS, any others are welcome, any condition.
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    So i was on this site before i went to college ( 5 years ago) and was still riding the warrior ALOT. Well life has went on but now i am back into quads again. I currently race cross country on a KFX450R, and am going to build the warrior for a backup quad for next year. I've also picked up a...
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    Reintroduction, and what i've been up to

    Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. I want to start out by saying alot has happened and i have gone through alot since the last time i was on here. I've changed alot and have moved my life toward being successful instead of going toward the downward spiral i was. I am currently...
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    stock warrior engine

    i have a complete warrior engine that is torn down, crank is froze, cylinder is unscared, little bit of surface rust on top, have all of the electrical for it, looking to get $300+ shipping for the lot... i'll get pics later.. o and there is no head, cant seem to find it.
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    WTB stock WHITE shocks

    looking for STOCK white shocks, NOT rusted, NOT blown... will trade a set of billet tie rods + cash for a complete set
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    another 350 to add to the stable

    picked this gem up a couple weeks ago, got it running tonight, needs a tad bit of work... however i paid a good price for it.. NOTHING!!!! 100mpg 2 stroke FTMFW!!!!
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    would you buy a set??

    i have been machining items for a while now and thought about starting to do tie rods, would anyone be interested in a set of 6061 t-6 aluminum tie rods with matching nuts for your quad(s) for $15 shipped they'd look something like this.. without the engraving( as of now) due to lack of machines.
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    MX pics

    These are KIND of old but still the most recent pictures i have gettin ready to head out to the track lined up and ready to go jump after the S/F line right at the lip take off
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    OMG!!! I FOUND MONEY!!!!

    you guys WON'T beleive this... today i went out to start my truck( gonig t obadlands) and on the ground was this bag.. i opened it up and there was $200 in it =-o...
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    anyone want to go to badlands saturday?

    i am going to badlands in attica, in this saturday and was wondering if anyone was wondering if anyone wanted to come also.
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    update on my warrior

    FINALLY it is almost back together... tomorrow i get to take her for a test ride(snow, sleet , or rain, or sun) i put i na new clutch( which works SUPERBly) cut my lid and jetted it( still i nthe process) got my rear shock installed( got it today for FREE!!!! woot) still gotta put the...
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    WOW i didn't think it needed this much...

    ok well today i think i finally hit the nail on the head with my jetting issue.. I cut my lid( MAJORLY) well anyways.. my buddy told me if i did this i would need a 150main and even then i would be lean.. well guess what.. i am running a 155 main and still just a tad lean... this amazes me...
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    02 Raptor front shocks

    Well as some of you know i have raptor suspension and i must say.. it is one of the best investments i have made.. however i would suggest a +2 front end with raptor shocks. MX- on MX they soak up the bumps and have soft yet sturdy landings.. even when i air it out on the 40ft table top XC-...
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    BUY THESE AC Racing NERFS!!!

    I have a spare set of nerfs i want to get rid of... so bad i will sell them for $80+ Shipping.. last time i checked they were going for about $120 new.. i actually got these for VERY VERY VERY VERY cheap $80+ shipping is all i am asking... i've never bolted them up.. but they look fairly...
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    My cut lid

    i cut my lid to get some more air flow also.. what size diameter filter do i need when i get my uni clamp on?