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    New from Indiana

    Welcome! Fellow hoosier here, i live on the west side of indy in Clermont.
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    This thing is coming together so fast it's crazy. Second pic is where i am at as of right now, which is putting wiring harness on it. I'm still in need of a few parts, and depending on if my KFX is done for the race this sunday or not will determine if i just pull the parts from it to run the...
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    small update :D
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    Man it's been a crazy year. Did some racing, did alot of work around the house, and now i'm back to rebuilding quads for 2016. First race is in just a couple weeks and from the pics below you can see i am in some serious time crunch. It's a toss up on which will be done first, looking like the...
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    thanks guys, she's almost done( finally), bought a house and had to move everything, things are just starting to get back on track.
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    no green light

    make sure the wire under the shifter is plugged in.
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    87 rear rack.

    i have one that bolts to a stock grab bar with 4 bolts
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    02-04 new oem cdi

    I still have this,. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN IT.. plase offer me a price, i NEED it sold.
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    Custom tie rods

    I use to make those back in school as a time killer, alot of people doubted their strength but many companies sell them as an upgrade.
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    So i've made some progress since i last posted... I'm in the final stages of getting it together, packing my exhaust, finish the wiring, and ffew other small issues here and there.
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    Banshee shocks

    make sure your rebound and compression knobs aren't cranked all the way down on the shock. i would set your rear shock spring so it has no "rake" then set the adjusters on the top and bottom in the middle of their travel and go ride it, then readjust the knobs to compensate for how the quad is...
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    Kenda "THE TREKKER" paddle tires

    i have a friend with a set of these forsale if any of you guys are interested in a set and don't buy his, same price, same size. located in central indiana
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    02-04 new oem cdi

    Tried selling it on ebay and noone wants it apparently, took out of packaging and put on bike thinking it was my issue, turned out it wasnt so now i just have a new cdi laying around with NO TIME ON IT, other than being plugged in. $100 shipped FIRM for this. I only take paypal.
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    Current progress, rest of my parts will be here this week, hoping to have it pretty much completely together this next weekend.
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    In my KFX450R i only burn 2 gallons of fuel over the 1.5-2 hour race, and that's not necessarily babying it. now some guys burn alot more in these quads in the same race, i think part of me is just really good with fuel conservation too.
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    rear bearing mod????

    Letter q drill. (.332) for 1/8NPT fitting
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    water method flywheel removal possible?

    For fear of getting water in the motor i would not use that method versus a $50 puller, and on our clutches there's no need for a puller which is why i said no. ontop of that you'll need to find a longer bolt, a tube for the bolt to go through that won't leak water past the bolt and the quad...
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    Newbie here from Indiana

    Welcome, where in indiana are you located?
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    Project: XC Race Quad

    So i am going to keep updating this thread, but it will just be with my KFX build for the time being.. The place i am storing my trailer at, well he wants it out of there so i don't have the room for two builds. So here is how the warrior is going to sit for the next couple months On the...