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  1. Gen1Pat

    Elite first gen for sale

    Okay, you all know I posted a for sale add on here for my Warrior. However, I am in desperate need to sell it now. I wrecked my truck today and need the money to fix it. The truck is a part of me, and I will not let it die. So, I am willing to take offers on my Warrior. Please, make them...
  2. Gen1Pat

    Selling all of my spare parts

    87 frame with swinger. Make offer (including shipping) 2000 frame with swinger, steering stem and a arms. Make offer (including shipping) Spare engine parts: Cylinder - standard bore crank cases - no chain damage complete low hour clutch, in zip lock bag with oil, EBC DRC...
  3. Gen1Pat

    1st gen swinger and carrier

    Cheapest way to add 1" to your 2nd gen Warrior. No damage to either unit. They need to be cleaned and the both need bearings. $65 shipped.
  4. Gen1Pat

    Anyone want to own the ONLY elite 1st gen?

    Selling my Warrior. Anyone want's info on it, pm me. $2500
  5. Gen1Pat


    Need a starter.
  6. Gen1Pat

    need a cheap starter

    The starter on my Bro's Warrior took a ****. We're looking for a good, cheap, used unit to get through the rest of this year.
  7. Gen1Pat


    Another year has passed, making this 13 years since the most devastating day in American history. Every year I watch footage from the attacks. And, every year, new unseen footage is shown. It feels just like yesterday, although every year that passes it stings even worse then the year before...
  8. Gen1Pat

    Final Fantasy VII

    I forgot what a GREAT game it is!!! Downloaded it to my PS3 and it's just as good now as it was 17 years ago!! Been a good ten years since I've played it. Brings back lots of memories from 97.
  9. Gen1Pat

    First real ride on my ATC395X

    My bud, his brother in-law and I went for a short ride last Sunday. Was nice to really ride my X!
  10. Gen1Pat

    2nd gen frame

    I have a good second gen frame. It's in good condition. Needs cleaning. I also have a 2nd gen swinger, steering stem, heal guards and pegs. Make offer on any of the above.
  11. Gen1Pat

    Warrior rear rack

    This was on my bike when I bought it. Looks like someone took the front rack off an old YTM200 and grafted it to the Warrior grab bar. Whoever did it, did a good job. $60
  12. Gen1Pat

    New OEM 400ex timing chain

    Brand new, in OEM package, unopened, 400ex timing chain. Lists for $110.00. Cheapest on ebay is going for $76, + $8 for shipping. Selling this one for $65
  13. Gen1Pat

    1st gen a arm, buyers list

    I am now seriously considering building the 1st gen +2 arms and offering them for sale. I need to known who has serious interest. And, by serious interest, I mean money in full, up front, no bullshit.
  14. Gen1Pat

    Any Ford guys with a WC T5??

    Looking for a World Class T5 from 87-93 5.0L Mustang. Just needs to be a rebuildable core. So, free, or, cheap.
  15. Gen1Pat

    looking for Jeep 4.0

    Anyone in, or near, Va with a Jeep 4.0 that needs a rebuild? Looking for a rebuildable core for my car.
  16. Gen1Pat

    39mm FCR

    Got this for my 350x, however, it's too big to fit under the tank. My loss, your gain. I just don't feel like making it work. It's from an '06 YFZ. I cleaned it, and set up the base jetting for my ATC. It will come with an R&D flex jet (for easy mixture screw tuning) and it has a Quick...
  17. Gen1Pat

    any members near East Jordan, Mi?

    Looking at a hood for my Javelin on ebay. It's in East Jordan, Michigan. Seller says that buyer is responsible for shipping. I'd rather have a forum member pick it up for me, and ship if from a UPS center to my business, instead of arranging for a freight carrier to pick it up.
  18. Gen1Pat

    parts for my brother

    My very best friend is basically my brother. He doesn't have a lot of money, and I'm wanting to see what members here have what I'm looking for that his bike could use. His is an 88, like mine. Looking for: 87 lower ball joints (good ball joints) Big Bear oil cooler adapter heim type...
  19. Gen1Pat

    another 350 in the stable

    Got this today
  20. Gen1Pat

    Edelbrock Quicksliver

    Selling an Edelbrock Quicksilver 38x36 oval carb I have. Have not run it. Was told it came off a 400ex. Has thumb throttle cable. Everything moves as it should. Still has the anti-slosh sponge. I have pictures on my phone, will try getting them up asap. Just needs a good cleaning. $125...